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ijukebox - iPhone, iPad and Android Application
Dev IT Solutions is a IT consulting company involved is planning to come out with next big thing in the area of Digital Jukebox. What can be bigger surprise than you are able to dedicate a song directly from a mobile app and bar or restaurant where they will play it for you or your friend? In order to convert the idea of into reality our team of experts have design and developed this wonderful app. iJukeBox provides user with an option to put the next song on the queue of songs being played at restaurant or bar. iJukeBox app provides user a seamless search option to spot the song with great ease. With a small fee app user can add song to the queue of songs being played at a bar or restaurant he is at or planning to visit. Bars and Restaurant owners would have additional revenue and bigger ticket sale because of this next big idea in interactive entertainment at your finger tips. It uses the power of Smartphone and provides users with the access to information seamlessly.

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At a Glance:

Venues Display list of restaurants and bar in the area (location) where you are currently. You can apply filter to search for more specific location too.

Music Browse music library for various restaurant and bars in the area. You can browse using Artist, Genres, Album or Songs.

Now Playing shows the title being played right now at a location selected by you.

Requests User can add songs to queue of songs being played. Requests section would display songs added so far to various queues.

Account this option shows the history of requests made, credit balance available.

Search User can search for music alphabetically or with the options like Songs, Album, Singer or Genres. User can check details from the search result by selecting individual entries.


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Dev IT Solutions Announces to Launch “Word Raider – An Amazing Educational App for Kids to Learn English Words” on iPad Platform

January 1, 2014January 1, 2014
Dev IT Solutions, a well known IT solutions provider, has now designed and developed an exciting educational mobile application for kids. This is yet another significant application to help kids learn various English words along with enhancing focus and concentration power. As of now this application is available only for iPad and Android devices but the company will soon launch this app for other platforms such as Blackberry & Windows. Word Raider is an Educational Gaming App for Kids & Adults to learn English words with lots of fun. This amazing Educational App for iPad does not only teach English words but also helps in enhancing concentration & memory power. This App can keep kids & adults engaged for hours and they will love playing with this app due to its attractive user interface and enchanting sounds. Below mentioned are the features of this Amazing Educational App 1. Attractive User Interface 2. Eye Soothing Graphics 3. Improves Word Power 4. Enhances Concentration 5. Enhances Memory Power 6. Builds Logical Skills 7. Engaging 8. 3 Difficulty Levels 9. Multiple Puzzles in Each Level 10. Gives Tips to find Word by spending coins 11. User can Buy Coins to Get Tips The App gives various alphabets jumbled up and the words to be found are mentioned at the bottom of the screen. Kids need to find those words and drag to mark the entire word. This wonderful and attractive App for iPad is one of the best Educational Games launched on the iTunes App Store. The graphics of this app make it an excellent experience for the users of all ages. The App is divided in 3 Difficulty levels to make it more exciting for the users. 1. Easy – In this difficulty level, there are 8 rows and columns totaling to 64 alphabets and the user needs to find the 10 words mentioned above the Word jumble within 3 minutes time. 2. Medium – This difficulty level has 11 rows and columns totaling to 121 alphabets and the user needs to find the 12 words mentioned above the Word Jumble within 3 minutes time. 3. Hard – This difficulty level has 15 rows and columns totaling to 225 alphabets and the user needs to find the 15 words mentioned above the Word Jumble within 3 minutes time. For more information, please visit http://www.devitsolutions.com/devitmobileapplication/. iPhone, iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., Android is a trademark of Google Inc., Blackberry is a trademark of RIM Inc., Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Inc.

printworksheet.com, an Outstanding Website and Mobile Application Soon to Be Launched by Dev IT Solutions for Kids of All Ages

January 1, 2014
Dev IT Solutions has launched various Educational Mobile Applications to help kids learn in enjoyable ways. These Educational Applications have been launched on varied platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. The management of the company has now announced to soon launch “printworksheet.com” which is a Website and a Mobile Application. This Website & Mobile Application is set to be launched within the next financial quarter. Printworksheet.com is an amazing and conceptual Website which will ease the load on the parents related to kid’s education. By registering on this website, parents can get various benefits once the Mobile Application is available on the App Stores. This application will help parents to generate sample Worksheets to check the kid’s status in terms of knowledge and understanding. Parents will easily be able to monitor the kid’s progress by generating sample question papers for subjects like English, Math, Science, etc. This application will also provide a facility for parents to see the results after the kid fills in the sample papers so that parents can understand the areas in which the kids need help and need to focus more for better results. During a recent press conference, a senior spokesperson from the company said, “We are pleased to announce that our company will soon launch an exciting Educational Application called Print Worksheet and parents of young kids can register by logging on to printworksheets.com. This application will help parents to monitor their kid’s academic progress by generating sample worksheets to prepare them for annual and bi annual assessments. As of now this website and application is already in the development stage and will be launch within the next quarter of this financial year. Though for now this application will be launched only for iPad devices, the company will also launch this application for other platforms such as Android, Blackberry & Windows as well”.