Dev IT Solutions brings to you the most innovative
and fun way of learning about fruits available
around the world.

It is an app for kids of all ages. It is intuitive and engaging and one of its kinds of app that will make you drools for more.

We have given options of

In this version we have most common fruits readily available in market.

Download and enjoy one of the most tasty iPad app of all time.

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Enter into the wonderful world of fruits. Luscious mouth watering images will make you drool to use this app and improve your fruit intelligence quotient. It ís a must have app for kids of all ages. HD quality images take your experience of fruit discovery to the next level. Fruit makes our lives interesting and this world of fruits will make it juicier.
Learn spellings of the fruits you like the most with simple yet engaging app. Learning spellings of fruits is now as easy as 1,2,3. Options are provided to make your learning journey fun and fast. Access and get amazed with the collection of fruits around the world with this new and intuitive app
Match your favorite fruits with correct spellings quickly to reveal your score. This is like never before experience on your iPad. This app is bound to enchant you, and to top the things us with fun we have added audio just for you.

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