iPhone Application Development

Dev IT Solutions has successfully developed and deployed innovative iPhone applications around the globe. Our team has vast experience in the development of a large number of innovative Mac products, and we have delivered a dynamic selection of iPhone applications and games. Because the development environment of the iPhone is similar to that of Mac Development, we successfully leveraged our existing expertise to deliver early innovation to the iPhone. To this day we follow the most up-to-date development methodologies to provide on time delivery at the most competitive rates.

To better target audiences by geography we enable our clients to utilize the mobile networks to track by location. With this technology, your Marketing Department will also have access to those communication channels used by consumers. The marketer can utilize the information gathered from customers in direct marketing offers and campaigns. With the help of location information we are also able to send targeted SMS/MMS advertisements, messages or promotional offers.

We have geo-based mobile search technology that helps users search for local mobile phones, PDA`s and other devices. Additionally, our software has a dynamic capability to efficiently search for local businesses such as restaurants, banks, movie theaters, fuel stations, airports and more. We can also satisfy the need to offer a yellow pages publication which can also interface with other local search services.

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