iPhone Games Development

Dev IT Solutions serves our global iPhone gaming clients with the help of our talented and experienced mobile game developers. Game Development requires high quality graphics, sound, and enticing display. Our team specializes in developing mobile game applications via the latest methodology and quality testing.

Gamers today are interested in the right mix of challenge, fun, outstanding graphics, and diverse skill levels to play through. The iPhone 3G is the best offering on the market today and we have extensive experience developing all types of games.

Our network utilizes CFNetwork and BSD Sockets, Scripting using AppleScript and shell scripting. Our gaming developers are well versed in porting existing games to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This has enabled us to cater to our global clients and provide the highest quality products on time and on budget.

We employ various technologies for iPhone game development. On the Mac Platform we have expertise in Cocoa/Objective C, Core Graphics, Open GL, Core Animation, Core Imaging, Core Audio, Core Script, AppleScript, core Audio, and core video. Our team leverages years of experience in the development of games in Mac OS, and this makes the transition to developing games for iPhone seamless.

Under industry standard OpenGL plays an essential role in the development of cinematic 3D graphics, as well as for 2D sprite graphics in the world of game development. We use the perfect fusion of graphics, sounds, music and colorful quirks to keep the experience refreshing.

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