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Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Search Optimization is a nascent and quickly evolving field, but it’s one that marketers can take advantage of today, before the search engine results pages become crowded and optimization more difficult. Mobile search optimization is commonly misunderstood as optimization of a web site specifically designed for the mobile web. While this is a large part of mobile search optimization, a truly comprehensive mobile search optimization campaign will also include mobile and local content distribution and an audit of the client’s web site for mobile web accessibility. In this white paper Resolution Media outlines some tactics and processes for optimizing for the mobile user.

  • There has been x numbers of users expected in near future of the mobile internet users.
  • This high numbers of users expects brief details at the touch of a finger
  • Most of the PC / Laptop based web-sites will be replaced with Mobile Web-sites

Why need SEO of mobile web-sites ?

  • Objective based searches : E.g. Grocery stores, Hospitals, Travellers
  • Location based searches : E.g. Nearest favorite coffee shop, Bus stop, Airport
  • Comprehensive search queries : E.g. Objective & Location based search results

How our SEO for Mobile Web-site works ?

  • Mobile screen has a limitation of size, thus content needs to be very brief and punctual
  • Our experts will check the content and its target consumers and apply our ideas to get targetted rankings
  • We will Read, Analyze and Suggest alternatives or upgradations to the existing Mobile Web-site based on relavency.
  • Device specific (Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME enabled) Mobile Web Site Design suggestions

How will Mobile Website SEO will benefit to Mobile Web-site owner and its users ?

GPS enabled mobile devices will get relavent results on their handheld.

  • Higher search engine rankings will bring more revenue, web presense goodwill to the Mobile web-site
  • Device specific pages (Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME enabled) will be served that gives guarantee of exposure to the target audience.

Our Mobile Website Optimization Services Include

  • Wireframe essential content to a mobile user
  • Do mobile-specific keyword research
  • Optimize for multiple device and browser types
  • Create and submit mobile sitemap(s)
  • Audit robots.txt file
  • Link building
  • Analytics
  • Run benchmark mobile reports
  • Test, optimize and refresh as appropriate.

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