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What is Android

Android is new platform for using the Java programming language. Android is an emerging technology and it is still in the evolution stage. It is software platform phone for mobile phones .The software is totally free and sources are completely available Software stack for mobile devices and it includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK is being with it right now provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.  It is software platform phone for mobile phones. Apps on Android can access core mobile device functionality through standard APIs; Developers are working with more combine application fundamentally .This is a platform whenever to create the thousands of G phone. This can make application easy as if you want to contact somebody you can just type the name and hit dial. And this application will give the ability to interact and to intervene the application with one another. And then to find out the contacts and where the particular person lives and when you select the contact it will take to the address and when you click on address it will take you to a map which will zoom right into where the particular contact lives.

High speed 3G networking support which has 3D touch screen and it loads into fast 3G data network and the device has to be capable of browsing for internet speed and loading WebPages. It also supports rich visual history and it would also show all the sites history which has been visited recently. The Android graphics API very easily makes 3D and 2D. The best thing is that it also lists the Google suggests. And we get customized home page. It helps in making locking and unlocking of the phone. Android application system allows navigation to me more compatible.


Application framework: it helps in re processing and alternates the components

  • Create Android projects from the Eclipse UI or command line
  • Integrate web content, images, galleries, and sounds
  • Deploy menus, progress bars, and auto-complete functions
  • Trigger actions using Android Intents, Filters, and Receivers
  • Implement GPS, Google Maps, Google Earth, and GTalk
  • Build interactive SQLite databases, calendars, and notepads
  • Test applications using the Android Emulator and Debug Bridge

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