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Mobile Web Development

DevITSolutions’ cell phones have become as important as our wallets and purses in everyday living. Whether it’s in the grocery store checkout, sitting in a restaurant, or waiting in traffic, mobile devices have become a tremendous source of entertainment, communication, and information The number of users browsing the Web from a mobile device continues to rise, yet most mobile web sites are still sub-par Deliver Web-based content and applications to mobile devices rapidly and cost-effectively — with minimal recoding.

M-Business provides a mobile content and application platform that allows some informative data for Mobile users. No matter where end users are, they’ll be able to tap into the information, applications and Web services they need to quickly make effective business decisions

Mobile means you’re with your customers all the time!

As the mobile trend continues to grow in the United States, it is becoming very important to have a mobile web strategy. Our goal is to help you understand how to reach your target audience through mobile devices, and provide the development team needed to make it happen.

With names like Google, Amazon, eBay and more, pouring time and money into their own mobile strategies, it’s very clear that targeting mobile customers is vital for future success on the Internet.

Mobile Browsing Statistics

Active users of mobile browsing services are expected to grow by roughly 30% annually between 2005 and 2010. This growth rate is significantly more than advertising, ring tones, SMS messaging, media, and subscriber growth, according to the W3C. That growth rate represents a tremendous opportunity to capture your target audience through mobile devices!

Mobile Browsing experience In DevITSolutions

DevITSolutions is having experience of developing highly customized mobile websites matching strict XHTML-MP Standards. XHTML MP Standards ensure that your entire website is available to mostly all the mobile devices across the world. Mobile websites are specifically designed for mobile phones so web pages are small & very quick to load.

DevITSolutions can help you to make your presence at the mobile web world Unique, Focused, Targeted, Specific and also Cost Effective.

Areas where Mobile Web browsing application

Using the same design techniques associated with mobile website design by DevITSolutions, we can develop an interactive web-based application for use in intranet, extranet and public-facing websites. Integration with existing infrastructure is a key competency of the DevITSolutions Mobile application engineering team. Lastly, people carry mobile anywhere and anytime and finding their near tour/travel places/marketing/finance or nay information by mobile web and also searching Train/bus schedule on mobile web so it consume time and hard to carry laptop.

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